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Jazz violin: how to improvise on the violin and play in a jazzband

Do you want to learn how to improvise on the violin, to free yourself of the constraints of classical music and play in a jazzband? Would you like to swing like Stéphane Grappelli, but you do not know how to begin? Would you like to learn jazz violin?


learn jazz violinIf you’re on this website, you probably have many questions about learning improvisation on the violin or other string instruments, especially if you would play jazz. You may already take violin lessons, but you feel like you are not able to make the connection between what you have learned and how to improvise , and when you try to improvise you have the impression of not knowing anything … maybe you can play traditional music, but you don’t have the best technique to improvise in jazz …

Stay cool, these feelings are totally normal ! Playing jazz is not innate or magical, as classical musicians may believe.. (I am a classical musician and I was thinking that too…)! Learning to improvise on the violin is progressive work, as well as classical music and other world music.

This is why I created the blog Learn jazz violin : to help you and guide you through this mysterious world that attracts you … I wish to make it more concrete and gradually clarify the gray areas that remain! I wish to share with you the experience I have gained since I decided to learn jazz violin after years of classical training.

I invite you to consult the first violin free jazz lesson that I put on this site, which allows you to discover swing on the violin and ghost notes. If you want to know more about my background and about the music I play now, go to the page: “MY BACKGROUND” .

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