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Do you want to play jazz violin and improvise to free yourself from the constraints of classical music?

You like the sound of jazz violin players like Stéphane Grappelli, but you don’t know where to start?

I have good news: you can learn jazz improvisation on the violin!

Before going any further, I’ll offer up 3 FREE JAZZ VIOLIN LESSONS from my method :

My background
My scores

If you’re on this website, you probably have many questions about learning improvisation on the violin or other string instruments, especially if you want to play jazz. 

You may already take violin lessons, but you feel like you are not able to make the connection between what you have learned and how to improvise, and when you try to improvise you have the sense of knowing what to do …

Or maybe you can play traditional or folk music, but you don’t have the best technique to improvise in jazz ….

Stay cool, these feelings are totally normal ! Playing jazz is not innate or magical, as classical musicians may believe.. (I am a classical musician and I was thinking that too…)!

Learning to improvise on the violin is progressive work, just like classical music and other world music.

This is why I created the blog Learn jazz violin: to help you and guide you through this mysterious, seductive jazz world …

I want to make the learning process more concrete and gradually clarify the gray areas that remain for my students! 

My wish is to share with you the experience I have gained since I decided to learn jazz violin after years of classical training.

So I invite you to browse this site which is number 1 on Google in French, and someday I hope in English too…

This website is a gold mine of tools, videos and tips for learning jazz violin.



I suggest 3 possibilities :

1. A free jazz violin lesson to begin

2. Group lessons to study together how to improvise on the violin

3. Individual lessons, to complete my jazz violin method

Jazz violin SCORES


Since I have been teaching violin improvisation I have had this recurring request from all my students … You want SHEET MUSIC!

For other instrumentalists who learned jazz without a classical background, it might seem paradoxical … asking for scores to improvise …

But … for us, students of classical conservatories, learning entire programs of the greatest works of the repertoire … what could be more normal…

In recent years, I have therefore written several scores for jazz violin.


When I was four years old I watched a concert of my mother, a pianist, playing with a violinist. I actually remember deciding that very day that I wanted to be a violinist! So I began studying at a conservatory for youth, and then later at the college level I graduated from the conservatory of Fribourg (Switzerland), and then Geneva. I was lucky to have excellent teachers, as well as the experience of playing in good youth orchestras.

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Prize for Best Improvisation at the International Violin Competition, Stéphane Grappelli Competition


What people say about me

Eva is a fantastic teacher, very clear and patient and has a wonderful methodology to help anyone learn to play jazz violin. You’ll love her and her classes!

You’ll look forward to the classes starting soon.


I have always loved jazz violin but didn’t know where to start. Eva’s method of teaching is wonderful. Her combination of technique, instructional materials, videos and love of violin jazz is perfect for the learner of jazz violin. Thank you Eva for your teachings and inspiration.

Jesse Raël—Santa Rosa, California

Do you want to learn jazz violin and get results quickly?



Here is… my jazz violin method !



You got it right, first of all I had a background as a classical musician, then I managed to reinvent myself in jazz … But this didn’t come out of nowhere!

I studied jazz violin. I took lessons for years, with the greatest masters of the jazz violin … Pierre Blanchard, Didier Lockwood, Johan Renard …

Many musicians who begin learning music in jazz find themselves very independently listening to the solos they like and learning them by ear. Accustomed to reading scores at conservatories, the idea would not even have occurred to me to do it that way! It must have been suggested to me. Understandably, I did not come from the jazz world …

I loved jazz so much that I absolutely wanted to do it. I studied jazz for years, until I found my own language to improvise …


It was then that I myself became a violin teacher. I gave masterclasses in several festivals, notably in Italy (Torino jazz festival, Chamois festival, Perinaldo festival), in the Netherlands (Grappelli-Django Camp), and I became a lecturer at the Didier Lockwood Music Center.

I created this blog LEARNING THE JAZZ VIOLIN that you are browsing, which quickly became number 1 on Google … I gathered a large community of which you are a part, with whom I regularly discuss the jazz violin. ..

I then decided to create my own method of jazz violin, inspired by my great mentors and by all my students from all backgrounds, all ages, and all over the world …!

This method is the result of many years of research, questioning, understanding of the students … This method has taken many paths, until obtaining what it is now: THE NEW WAY TO LEARN THE SWING IN VIOLIN.

Today, you can receive 3 free samples for free on this link:



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