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You understood it well, first of all I had a background as a classical musician, then I succeeded in reinventing myself in jazz … But all this does not come from nowhere!

I studied the jazz violin. I took lessons for years, with the greatest masters of the jazz violin … Pierre Blanchard, Didier Lockwood, Johan Renard …

Many musicians who start music directly with jazz find themselves very independently picking up solos that they like. Being used to scores, and conservatories, the idea would not even have occurred to me to do it! It must have been suggested to me. Normal, I do not come from that world …

I loved jazz so much that I absolutely wanted to do it. I studied jazz for years, until I found my own language to improvise …

It was then that I myself became a violin teacher. I gave masterclasses in several festivals, notably in Italy (Torino jazz festival, Chamois festival, Perinaldo festival), in the Netherlands (Grappelli-Django Camp), and I became a lecturer at the Didier Lockwood Music Center.


I created this blog LEARNING THE JAZZ VIOLIN that you are browsing, which quickly became number 1 on Google … I gathered a large community of which you are a part, with whom I regularly discuss the jazz violin. ..

I then decided to create my own method of jazz violin, inspired by my great mentors and by all my students from all backgrounds, all ages, and all over the world …!

This method is the result of many years of research, questioning, understanding of the students … This method has taken many paths, until obtaining what it is now: THE NEW WAY TO LEARN THE SWING IN VIOLIN.

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