VIDEO: My transcription of Minor Swing

Today I decided to share with you a video of my transcription Minor Swing, which I included in my previous article on listening. Indeed, picking up themes and solos is a very important step in learning, and moreover I plan to devote a full article to the subject very soon.

Usually, violinists rather transcribe the solo of Stéphane Grappelli, and the guitarists that of Django… I decided to do both, because for me the two solos are very different, and there are many interesting ideas in both, even if Stéphane’s comes more naturally to the violin… But I think it is interesting and necessary not to transcribe only violinists’ solos, to open up to other licks that might come to mind less easily, and also because there are very few violinists in jazz, compared to the number of musicians who play the saxophone, the piano, guitar, etc…

So here is the full Minor Swing transcription, please share it!