111 JAZZ VIOLIN mini-tutorials !



In recent years, during the jazz violin workshops that I have been able to give, or during the individual lessons or group lessons that I have given on internet, I have had two recurring requests from the students:

1) ready-made jazz violin licks that can be practiced on and declined in all keys.

2) jazz violin scores, to have a visual support for practicing.

This is why I decided to create my 111 mini-tutorials, to respond to the first request. In the summer of 2020 I started an Instagram video project: 111 videos where I play ready-made licks.

These mini-tutorials include jazz violin licks, but also scales as well as improvisations on these same scales.

After posting them one after the other on Facebook and Instagram, I grouped them on Youtube into 20 different themes ! Only then, I decided to create the scores for these mini-tutorials, in response to this request which was repeated on social networks when the videos were published! And today, I finally released the sheet music!

How did I practice Improvisation ?

In learning jazz violin, I transcribed a lot of solos: saxophone, piano, violin of course, and many other instruments! First of all, I learned entire solos by ear, and then I selected small licks that I liked in these solos. I worked on these in all keys and modified them in all directions. And at the end, that’s what helped me create my personal language … but it takes a long time! Years of work!

The mini-tutorials are a valuable shortcut.

I improvised these mini-tutorials, then I had to transcribe them to create this collection of scores! I hope you will enjoy it, with or without the sheet music, because it will really help you by being a big time saver!

You will be able to find all these mini-tutorials below, as well as on this youtube playlist:


Do you want to receive the scores of the 111 mini-tutorials ?

Go to this link :

1.Minor Swing and A minor licks


5 licks in A minor, among them the melody of Minor Swing and the beginning of Stéphane Grappelli’s solo.



2.Coquette and D major licks


7 mini-tutorials of licks of Coquette’s melody, and licks and improvisations in D major!



3.Swing exercises with continuous detache bow strokes and ghost notes


5 mini-tutorials where I show rhythmic exercises to practice swing, with the technique of continuous detache bow strokes and ghost notes.



4.Mr PC, C minor blues


8 mini-tutorials with the melody’s licks, then the entire melody, scales that work on this blues. Finally, I will improvise on the structure of this blues with the scales that I showed you.


5. Jazz ballads on the violin

Licks coming from famous jazz ballads, with a close-up on my left hand, so as to observe the ornaments and the vibrato. On the program: Nuages, Somewhere over the rainbow, Misty, In a sentimental mood, and Body and soul !


6. Now’s the time (Charlie Parker)

4 mini-tutos où vous apprendrez chaque phrase du thème du blues “Now’s the time” de Charlie Parker. Je jouerai aussi le thème en entier avec le métronome : vous pourrez essayer de le jouer avec moi!

7.Exercices on the F blues scale


5 mini-tutorials with exercises around the blues in F : 3 licks on the blues scale, a tutorial with the pentatonic scale of F minor and its improvisation, and finally a tutorial with the blues scale of F and its improvisation.



8. G major licks



6 G major licks, including the first lick from the melody of “I can’t give you anything but love”. At the end you will find the G major pentatonic scale, with a swing improvisation on this scale.



9.SWING 48 + G minor scales and improvisations


The melody of SWING 48, a minor blues by Django Reinhardt, then the scales that are suitable for improvising on the whole structure of the blues! After each scale that I show you, I give you an example of improvisation on this scale.


10.G minor jazz licks

5 G minor licks that you can use on G minor songs ! For example, you can play them on SWING 48, the G MINOR BLUES in the video before this one.


11. C major licks


3 jazz violin licks in C MAJOR, then the pentatonic scale of C MAJOR + E FLAT (BLUE NOTE), with an improvisation where I use this scale.




12. II-V-I en do majeur


7 licks you can play on the jazz II-V-I cadence in C major ! All these licks can then be transposed to use them on II-V-I in other keys. In some licks, I use the diminished scale and altered scale.



13.Vocals and violin

4 licks on the blues scale that I sing and play on the violin simultaneously, then I sing the modes from the major scale improvising in each mode with a G fundamental on the violin. And to finish, I improvise with the voice on a series of chords while playing the bass on the violin.



14.Chops on the violin with my original tune “SOUFFLE”


The whole melody of my original tune “SOUFFLE”. I sing the melody, comping myself with a special percussive technique called CHOPS!




15.Medium swing licks in a loop




I repeat each lick ten times for 30 seconds, so you can repeat them with me …





16.Latin jazz licks + “The girl from Ipanema”

2 LATIN JAZZ riffs, as well as the first two lines of the melody of GIRL FROM IPANEMA! I use ghost notes a lot in the Latin style, as you can experience.


17. One note samba (Tom Jobim)

The entire melody of ONE NOTE SAMBA, by Tom Jobim. I chose this very rhythmic standard because it’s a great opportunity to practice the ghost notes! Indeed, the use of ghost notes will allow you to be more rhythmically in time, but also to have a more subtle jazz sound which will suit perfectly in this style.



18.Fast swing licks in a loop



The first will be in A minor, the second in C major, and then you will have 3 licks played in different keys, keeping exactly the same fingering!






19.Licks with chromaticisms


5 licks with chromatic approach notes in C major and C minor!



20.Jazz ballad licks

4 jazz ballad licks that I play in a loop