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On this page, you will find the fruit of many years of work:

– sheet music

– a jazz violin method

– online courses

– my albums with my compositions

All this in the name of a real vocation: to make the jazz violin accessible to all violinists.

I don’t intend to stop there…

And it’s thanks to you, who are part of my dear community that supports me!

Each purchase will help me continue to spread my knowledge in order to promote the culture of jazz improvisation on the violin.


“The new way to learn jazz violin”


To start jazz. It is a method with 50 instructional videos, and the scores that accompany each video.





It is a collection of sheet music with ready-made jazz violin licks, but also scales with improvisations. Each mini-tutorial can be listened to and viewed online, in addition to the score.


To practice with the album !


You will find there the violin and accompaniment parts of my 3 albums: Trésor, Inspirations and Souffle.



Support me by listening to my music!


You can choose between the DIGITAL or CD format of my 3 albums Trésor, Inspirations and Souffle…


Every 2 weeks online


Support followed in a group, in a good atmosphere, with access to all the courses already taken for a year.



Personalized support


I offer this accompaniment in addition to my method “The new way to learn the violin swing”


Even if the sound is a bit electric, I prefer it for 4 reasons:

1. It always offers the same faithful sound, I have no bad surprises
2. On stage, I don’t have feedback problems (which totally annoys me, and I’ve always had them with DPA or Audiotechnica…)
3. In concert, I am not dependent on the quality of the sound engineer (if he is very good, a sound with a DPA can be great, but if he is not competent, it can sound like in a barrel, and I say this from renewed experience more than once…)
4. I can adjust the volume myself thanks to the preamp, which is convenient to clip to pants or belt


    I’ve been using this system for over 15 years… And I’ve tried many!

    Didier Lockwood used it during all his concerts.

    Yes, it’s a PICK UP and the sound is not totally acoustic… But in my opinion, an amplified sound cannot be totally acoustic…

    So I really recommend this cell. I also have a 10% discount for you, my students, only on the link below!

    Just write an email from me to drago@schertler.swiss and tell him that you are my student. He will send you a 10% voucher valid not only on this microphone, but on all the products that are on the Schertler site: amps, microphones for other instruments, preamps, tuners, etc…


    So here is the link to the STAT V, and don’t forget to email Drago for the 10%!

    If after a purchase you have any doubts or questions, or if you want a refund, please contact me by email at evaslongo@apprendre-le-violon-jazz.com.