Which violin pickup to use to amplify?

Choosing a pickup to amplify the violin


This is perhaps the question I’ve been asked the most…

Which microphone do I use to amplify myself to play jazz on the violin?

For me, there is no doubt: my preference is for SCHERTLER’S STAT V pickup, which Didier Lockwood also used…



Why this preference?

Yes, it’s a pickup and the sound is not totally acoustic…

But in my opinion, an amplified sound cannot be totally acoustic

I tried DPA, I also have an Audiotechnica… At my friend Jacques Gay at the Stéphane Grappelli center, I had to try everything possible, because he has all the violin pickups that exist…

But for me, the Shertler is a safe bet.



Even if the sound is a bit electric for some, I prefer it for 4 reasons

1. It still offers the same faithful sound, I have no bad surprises

2. On stage, I don’t have any feedback problems (which totally annoys me, and I’ve always had them with DPA or Audiotechnica…)

3. In concert, I am not dependent on the quality of the sound engineer (if he is very good, a sound with a DPA can be great, but if he is not competent, it can sound like in a barrel, and I say this from renewed experience more than once…)

4. I can adjust the volume myself thanks to the preamp, which is convenient to clip to pants or belt

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And the DPA violin microphone?


I have tried the DPA microphone several times, widely used by professional violinists, which is excellent.

But I always had problems with feedback, which can seriously damage the ears…

Or would you have to stay completely still on stage, or accept hearing very little violin in the monitor.

This microphone lends itself well to acoustic music, but with drums it’s much more complicated: the microphone also reproduces the sound of the drums…

In my experience as a live listener, sound is more difficult for the sound engineer to process.

If it is very competent, it is ideal, but if it is not, the sound risks being a little “barrelled”.


I’ve been using this system for over 15 years…and I’ve tried many!

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