The suzuki method to learn violin

Learn the violin with the Suzuki method


Some time ago on Instagram, I discovered Meghan Faw, a violinist who teaches the Suzuki method in English.

I went to watch some videos, and I appreciated his way of transmitting.

I want to propose his work to some of you who sometimes ask me for advice to start the violin or to improve the basic technique of the instrument.

Indeed, the transmission of jazz improvisation on the violin has become a real passion in recent years, I prefer to continue to focus all my energy in this direction, at least for now.

For those who are starting to learn the violin, I offer the work of other violin teachers, such as Marie Leloup, whom I have already presented to you on several occasions.

But as my community has more and more English speakers, and they do not have access to Marie’s courses which for the moment are not translated.

This desire to find methods to start the violin in English gave me this idea of ​​collaborating with Meghan Faw.

I know a little about the Suzuki method, and I’ve even used it to teach.

But I haven’t done any training like Meghan, who knows her much more thoroughly… So I’m very curious about your feedback on her training.

Here are already some videos taken from his Instagram account which is very supplied with educational material…

With these 6 videos where she gives specific advice, you will already have plenty to do.

And below, you will find documentation on her trainings.