The suzuki method to learn violin

Learn the violin with the Suzuki method


Some time ago on Instagram, I discovered Meghan Faw, a violinist who teaches the Suzuki method in English.

I went to watch some videos, and I appreciated his way of transmitting.

I want to propose his work to some of you who sometimes ask me for advice to start the violin or to improve the basic technique of the instrument.

Indeed, the transmission of jazz improvisation on the violin has become a real passion in recent years, I prefer to continue to focus all my energy in this direction, at least for now.

For those who are starting to learn the violin, I offer the work of other violin teachers, such as Marie Leloup, whom I have already presented to you on several occasions.

But as my community has more and more English speakers, and they do not have access to Marie’s courses which for the moment are not translated.

This desire to find methods to start the violin in English gave me this idea of ​​collaborating with Meghan Faw.

I know a little about the Suzuki method, and I’ve even used it to teach.

But I haven’t done any training like Meghan, who knows her much more thoroughly… So I’m very curious about your feedback on her training.

Here are already some videos taken from his Instagram account which is very supplied with educational material…

With these 6 videos where she gives specific advice, you will already have plenty to do.

And below, you will find documentation on her trainings.






Meghan created her own training to follow the Suzuki method : The Suzuki Bundle


 With this bundle, you can follow the 5  Suzuki books together with her.

So she talks about it :

The Suzuki method is one of the most highly regarded ways to learn an instrument worldwide. Ray Chen and Hilary Hahn were both Suzuki students, so I think I’m safe to say that this method WORKS!


The Suzuki method is based on learning and developing skills, that will quickly transfer into any piece or genre of music you’d like to play down the line.

However, the Suzuki method can be very hard to understand and follow without a guide. The teaching points aren’t always obvious, and it can be hard to know what you’re supposed to be learning and if you’re doing it right! 


That’s why I have created my Suzuki courses. With me as your guide, you can be sure you’re focusing on the right things and are therefore getting the most out of the method


In this bundle, you will receive all of my current Suzuki book courses: 1 through five.


In each course, I guide you through the notes, explain the teaching points, cover helpful practice strategies, and several “practice along with me” videos. Once purchased, the videos are yours for life!


Meghan created other trainings to learn how to play the violin.

I will give you the links in the next days, but here are already short descriptions of each method. You can already tell me if you would be interested.


The Complete Bow Technique Manual 

This course is for anyone who wants to…

  • Learn how to hold the bow
  • Learn proper bowing technique
  • Gain clarity on different types of bow strokes and how to practice them
  • Develop their tone
  • Learn how to get a straight bow
  • Learn how to perform smooth bow changes
  • Learn about special bow techniques (like col legno and ponticello)
  • Get rid of bow shakes

Course description

This course is broken down into 4 units and a bonus section.

Unit 1: Bow technique

This unit covers how to hold the bow, proper bowing technique, over 10 exercises for finger flexibility, pinky strength, and bow control, and why they’re so important.

Unit 2: Tone

This unit covers how to develop a solid tone, including an explanation of the 4 factors of tone production, tone exercises, smooth bow changes, and more.

Unit 3: Bow strokes
This unit covers the 10 most common bow strokes, including explanations, demonstrations, and how to practice each one.

Unit 4: Special Techniques

This unit covers all remaining bow techniques, such as double stops, chords, string crossings, tremolo, harmonics, accents, and how to get rid of bow shakes.


  • My complete warm up routine
  • Practice tips
  • Tips on buying a new bow


The Complete Left Hand Technique Manual

This course is for anyone who wants to….

  • Learn proper posture
  • Improve their intonation
  • Learn or develop their shifting
  • Learn or develop their vibrato
  • Learn how to play faster
  • Learn how to play and practice double stops
  • Learn effective practice strategies

Course description

This course contains 70 videos and is broken down into 7 units.

Unit 1: The Basics- Level 1

This unit covers proper violin posture and set up, placing the fingers down, a discussion on finger tapes, and tips on violin maintenance.

Unit 2: The Basics- Level 2

This unit covers all the finger extensions a violinist needs to know, exercises for developing finger dexterity and strength, and how to change your strings.

Unit 3: Intonation

This unit covers the different types of intonation, how to tune your instrument effectively, and several intonation practice strategies.

Unit 4: Double Stops

This unit includes the basic principles of double stops, how to start learning double stops, practice strategies, specific advice for different types of double stops, and videos of Meghan practicing double stop passages.

Unit 5: Shifting

THis unit covers the basic principles of shifting, the different types of shifts, strategies and exercises for learning and developing shifting, and strategies for big shifts.

Unit 6: Vibrato

This unit covers the basic principles of vibrato, exercises for developing vibrato motion, timing, consistency, and speed, and managing expectations.

Unit 7: Special techniques

This unit covers every remaining aspect of left hand technique, such as scales, arpeggios, accents, harmonics, trills, and exercises for developing speed.



The Complete Violin Technique Manual includes the Complete Bow Technique Manual and the Complete Left Hand Technique Manual. 


Learn Vibrato in One Month

The number one question we get asked is: “can you help me with vibrato?!”

Meghan get asked this probably once a day ! Here is her answer :

YES, of course, I can. But not through a short tutorial or YouTube video. To develop a beautiful vibrato, students need the correct tools and exercises presented through an optimally designed program. If you have that…you can learn vibrato easily in one month. This course teaches you how to do just that.

This course is for anyone who…

  • Is struggling with vibrato
  • Wants to learn vibrato but doesn’t know where to start
  • Wants to loosen up their vibrato
  • Wants a faster vibrato
  • Just wants their vibrato to sound GOOD!

This course includes 5 videos covering all of the important elements of vibrato and how to practice them. It also includes a 30-day calendar that shows you exactly what to practice, when to practice it, and for how long. 


Pretwinkle lessons 

Are you a total violin noob?! If so, this is the course for you!

In Pre-Twinkle lessons, you will learn everything you need in order to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Now, I know what you’re thinking. That’s an easy piece! I don’t need to know that much!

Well, my friend, you are wrong. In fact, learning to play Twinkle is probably the biggest learning curve you’ll face along your violin journey, because you have to start from nothing. Here are some of the things we’ll cover:

  • Instrument information (what instrument to buy, strings, rosin, instrument maintenance, etc)
  • Posture and set up
  • Proper bowing technique
  • Correct left hand set up
  • Note names and finger placements
  • A Major scale: aka all the notes you need to know for Twinkle!